Bitter Virgin – VERIFIED Information regarding the Final Volume

EDITED with verified CORRECT information now.

Looking at the blog stats… or what’s left of it, I realize that one of the frequented topics would be the release date for the final volume of Bitter Virgin. Granted, I haven’t done much research into this since I’m more of the kind of guy that looks at the “Latest Release” manga list and pick what I feel would be worth my time to read. If it doesn’t appear, then I’ll wait for it.

Even though Volume 3 ending with Chapter 24 came out several months ago, Volume 4 is still un-scanlated. It was published and the RAW for it is floating around somewhere in the vast emptiness of the Internet world. Regarding the translation team responsible for it, Solaris is the one doing it so if you feel like being an annoying tic leeching off of their work, you can go spam them at their official site (use Google to search it up if you really are intent on doing so). because it’s not out yet. As Hynavian properly said (and his/her comment is preserved below), the date of release is late June so around 3 more weeks left and then, maybe another for the translation team to work on it (not too familiar with the Solaris work pace). I’m sorry for the misinformation. Just proves that I should spend less time sifting through forums and more on verifying the news I find. Oh, source comes from Solaris-SVU’s main site Here’s the part where they talk about it:

It’s been a while. A number of circumstances have kept me from getting much done, but I want to pick it up before GTA IV hits and takes up even more of my time. Also, Kusunoki Kei has stated on her blog that she has sent off the last of volume 4 (the final volume) of BITTER VIRGIN.

… and Bitter Virgin volume 4 has a release date in late June.


That being said, the series will be finished at Volume 4 so that just speaks volumes (pun intended) about the pacing of the series. I did feel rushed a bit during the last couple chapters and having something that I thought of a masterpiece, being finished so soon will probably disappoint me to some degree. Either way, we won’t find out until an English version gets put out.

Need a manga to waste time upon, try The World God Only Knows. See if you could relate xD


16 Responses

  1. Actually volume 4 is not out yet, so don’t go spam Solaris and piss them off. I just checked one of the online Japanese shop’s site and found that the release date for volume 4 is on June 25.

  2. Is it really over in volume 4?
    man.. that’s quick..

  3. As far as I know, this was Kei Kusunoki’s first attempt at a manga with a serious topic. Pretty outstanding work if you ask me.

    If you want to read her other works, Girl Saurus and 100 Ways of an Exorcist are good but… different.

  4. it’s july already and still no volume 4 :( awwww

  5. It’s almost August but all we can do is wait.

  6. its already past late june.. :(

  7. whats going on were is the last volume am dying to read it all ready lol


  9. FFVIIKnight where did you find volume 4 RAW? I’ve searched for hours (literally) and still can’t find it…gahfdsak;lf! Please email me…or at least point me to the right direction to vol4!!!

    P.S. FFVII was by far the best FF series ever! Cloud limit break meteorrrrrrrrr

  10. I’ve got like half of Bitter Virgin Vol 4 up to chapter 29, but i cant find 30, anyone got any help???

    for the other volumes try creating an account on NOTHING or something.

  11. Comment edited due to terms violations.

    From now on, please do not post any links to free sharing sites.

  12. sorry i didnt know

  13. A bit faulty for my part since my warning is in another page… I should remedy that.

  14. so im guessing your against freesharing manga sites then…

  15. I don’t want their links going around, turning my blog into a hub for them. If people really wanted to find free share sites, any search engine would work. It’s not too much of an effort for them to type keywords and browse the net to find what they want.

  16. Sorry ffviiknight, didn’t mean to use your blog as a hub, your blog was the only one with info on Bitter Virgin RAW 4. I’ve already got 1~3, but no matter where you search it’s impossible to find volume 4 RAW…T__T

    Anyone with info, plz email me to , or guess I might buy FFVII+FFVIII and complete the material collection for once…

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