Tricked, Tricked, Tricked Again?

Today has been a real bummer… anime news-wise.

I read from other blogs two fairly big pieces of news.


First, Haruhi won’t be getting a 2nd season. Instead, they have a “new Haruhi” or “Haruhi new animation”. I don’t understand so I won’t dwell on it too much. Read more if you want on Kurogane’s Anime Blog.


Second, there appears to be a Clannad OVA with Tomoyo being the girl who ends up with Tomoya. Is it Tomoyo After? I’m not sure but Shin from Atalude seems to be disappointed.


Finally, something I stumbled across while surfing, a questionable trailer for a series soon to be adapted into an anime. See if it’s real yourself.

Questionable audio. Questionable animation. If it’s real, Mirai Nikki seems to be off to a horrible start. Pity since the manga was such a good work. Been a while since we had a killer loli running rampant. :(


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  1. That Mirai Nikki trailer is fake.

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