Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 5

The reviews are now halfway finished so expect another three or four rounds. Though the last two reviews were double critiques and featured shows sharing common traits, this one might stray slightly from the path. After all, there aren’t too many similarities between a Maid Guy and ninja… though both have occupational hazards, demand loyalty for their masters, and each possess secret techniques developed through vigorous job training.


Kamen no Maid Guy

OP title: Special Life
Artist: KOTOKO

There seems to be a trend among comedies to have sub-average opening and ending songs, probably because it’s harder to embed humor in a clip that will most likely be unchanged and playing throughout the season. It’s much easier to rip a fight scene than to make someone smile or laugh from the same joke. Before ending this little tangent, I do have an example of a good opening for a comedy series, Potemayo. Nothing could beat that mystery fluff-ball scythe girl.

Kamen no Maid Guy is no exception. Even though I find myself laughing in every episode, the opening credits were lackluster and boring. It did not show how epically GAR Kogarashi was. It didn’t emphasize the difficulties that Naeka was going through however ridiculous they are. The OP isn’t that much different from the ones in Pokemon or One Piece. They make my eyes bleed, unethical torture in the visual form. Combine that with an unappealing song, it just doesn’t do justice to Kamen no Maid Guy.

Rating: 4/10


ED title: Waku (Work?) Guy!!
Artist: Fukuyama Yoshiki

Now this was I was looking for. The ED really focuses on the most interesting character, Kogarashi. It shows him as a menace towering over the two unfortunate girls that he has to work with. It really shows off his unrefined uncouth side, which is how he really is in the anime (Sousuke from Fullmetal Panic in a maid costume). However, even though Fubuki and Naeka would team up with their nail bat/sword combo to rein him in within the show, it’s nice seeing him on the loose and unleashing horror in the last minute and half. Nicely done even if the song wasn’t that good.

Rating: 7/10


Nabari no Ou

OP title: Crawl
Artist: VeltPunch

The song is epic and it just proves that I’m still a sucker for the j-pop/j-rock stuff. It really drags the entire show from the ‘average’ category to the ‘above average’ category. The animation matches the music quite well and the lyrics match the main character’s apathetic attitude. The only part that I see possible improvement in is when they’re showing the three other characters, using still frames and moving their positions whenever the beat changes. Otherwise, it is like one of those great Naruto openings (the only decent things I see coming from that anime) that I come to love. Oh, and if anyone relates says that this is a Naruto clone just because they both are ninja themed, they obviously haven’t watched it. Top-notch work. And as a bonus… since I liked the song so much, here’s the full PV for it by the band.

It’s a nice entertaining watch. The mascot reminds me of the rabbit head costumes from the manga, Doubt. However, I don’t think it would be as graphic or bloody…

Rating: 9/10


ED title: Hikari
Artist: Elisa

This reminds me of Library War’s OP. It is a sad melancholy song that meshes well with the animation. Images of the characters show up but are quickly replaced. The pictures seem to be on a pond surface with the eventual ripples dissipating them. There’s nothing bad about it but like the aforementioned similarity, it’s an average ED.

Rating: 6/10


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