Manga: Claymore – Chapter 80


Super Short Summary:

Long story short, Miria tells the rest of what she knows, mainly highlighting the point that they’re Yoma transformation guinea pigs. Apparently, their demon form is really effective in war… but it’s not perfected yet since they can’t revert back to a human, often causing friendly casualties. She said she got this from an inside source. I’m suspecting that it’s Rubel, Clare’s former retainer.

Galatea decides to help and is assigned the duty to look over the Holy City to protect the humans. The other Claymores were treated by the city to drinks. One of them got drunk on purpose (Helen though it’s not shown on this page).

Clare learns from Galk and Cid that Raki is still alive and they’re bound to meet each other. She’s relieved of course since her boy toy cook is safe. Meanwhile, in another town, it was under attack by the Yoma-s again. This time, a complete stranger comes to help and… his secret identity is…

Some PWNing about to happen…


Since when did he become some tanned hunk from the beach? Not to mention he’s carrying a small girl on his shoulder with him. He must be on the run from the loli patrol over in Britain!


15 Responses

  1. Exactly! How did Raki “evolve” to become so strong? He’s able to pk a Yoma now and looks so “Claymore-ish”. Who’s that kid? Is that kid the child of Isley and Priscilla or It’s Priscilla herself? Let’s sit tight and wait for chapter 81. (:

  2. I still can’t believe this is the same annoying Raki of yesteryears. If it’s true, then it seems like Isley not only passed down his sword skills to him but his fabulous looks as well lawl.

  3. he looks gay-er I still prefer the cute looking raki <3

    And that little kid is probably Priscilla

    And Raki is trained by Isley; that’s why he got so strong O.o

  4. This is a very interesting turn of events, too bad the Anime turned away from this sequence that’s why I do believe there is not Second Season of it and the continuation will only be seen on Manga.

    Raki seems to have indeed “evolved” to something Claymorish. In my thinking, though I hope its not true, Isley might have done some tweeking of his own, he might have used Raki to make “Warriors” of his own and then trained Raki to become a male warrior but using his own flesh similar to What Clare is, but unlike Teresa who’s flesh made Clare, Isley is an Awakened being so Raki might be stronger than Clare and has the ability to change back to human form with ease.

    If so he might have traded his humanity for the chance to live with Clare as an Equal and the little girl might be an escaped Warrior in training that Raki rescued, or she could be Priscilla’s devolved form changing back into a little girl aspect.

  5. The Claymore anime ruined it by trying to tie the series up on a positive note. They ended it and FUBAR-ed all hopes for a second season. How are they going to pick it back up now that Clare and Raki were reunited at the very end? Impossible.

    I personally think that Raki is still 100% human, just super trained by Isley (still weaker than Clare imo… it was just a normal low-level yoma that he killed). He seems to be the sort of fellow that’s stupid enough to overlook Priscilla and Isley’s inhuman side. As for the little girl, I’m 50/50 on it… thinking that it could be a new character. It wouldn’t make sense for Isley to let Priscilla out of his sights when she proved more powerful than him.

  6. dude are you kidding that little girl has to be a claymore or prcillia its the only way beacuse only a claymore or another yoma/Awakened being can find another yoma ect. plus lets not forget its a girl but then agian they only take wemon into being claymores beacuse men are too reckless but then agian shes the same size as pricill

  7. That little girl just needs Yoma flesh/blood to run within her to be able to pick out other beings.

    I don’t get the rest of your comment due to your horrible spelling and grammar… but from what I can pick out, you don’t think the girl could be someone other than a Claymore or Priscilla…

    Here’s what I said.
    1) It’s highly unlikely for Isley to let Priscilla out of his sight since she’s more powerful than him
    2) I’m hesitant to say that the girl is a new character since it could be one of those minor ones that I forgot about
    3) Men can turn into “Claymores” but as you already noted, they go berserk easier. Besides, we know the mystery person is a girl, not a boy.

  8. Raki looks so sick now, I think that he might be stronger than Clare used to be in the beginning of the manga, cuz he took care of that yoma so fast. About the little girl, I have no idea, it could be Priscilla but I agree with ffviiknight that Isley would never let her out of his sight. I think there is a higher chance it is a new character than it being Priscilla. It definitely would be very interesting if it turned out to be Pricsilla and when Raki meet Clare… we already know what’s gonna happen, hopefully not as cheesy as the anime. Raki is definately 100% Human, I don’t think he would let Isley turn him into a claymore, although it would be pretty cool.

  9. By the way somebody should complain to whoever is writing claymore (other claymore fans please don’t kill me for not knowing who the author is), this is too stressing to wait a month for the next chapter. I’m in my summer vacation and normally would be wishing that the days go as slow as possible but I actually want July to come as soon as possible, which is technically wishing that my summer vacation finish as soon as possible. This is a very bad realization for me who enjoys my vacation very much. I believe it should be on chapter a week, like other good mangas like bleach and naruto.

  10. Raki knows the process of turning into a Claymore (quite sure about this). Therefore, he won’t let Isley convert him unless forced to. If he was, then he wouldn’t look so confident but mope around and hate himself (like his early days with Clare).

    As for your second comment…
    It seems that you don’t know how difficult it is to draw manga. Some series have a group of people helping. Hence, faster releases. Though that might not be the case here, the point is that there are different release schedules for different manga. As you noted, Naruto and Bleach (super hyped ones) get released weekly. Claymore gets released monthly. Some other series are bi-weekly (Berserk in the US). I hope you’re not concentrating on just one series to keep up with. There are plenty of other manga to read while biding your time for some desired releases. So, it won’t be Claymore fans that would look down on you… it would be any well-educated manga fan.

  11. Oh no, I’m currently reading… 11 different manga, although I have to say that I’m waiting for the next chapter to come out most of them too. And I would imagine that drawing it would take a while, but too me it seems as if he’s going really slow on purpose. To keep us waiting. And about Raki he definitely isn’t a claymore cuz he couldn’t even pick out the yoma so there should be no discussion there.

  12. It’s not done on purpose. That’s just what Norihiro Yagi (author) applied for with the the magazines that publish it (currently Jump Square). Claymore has and always will be a monthly release. That’s just how life (as a manga fan) is.

    Go read Angel Densetsu if you want a sample of Yagi’s earlier works.

  13. te amo raki clare ez genia kiero ver tooo el manga pero ez ezpañol pzz
    azzh voy a zegir buzcando ja


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