Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 4

Presenting… Kokuun’s one and only (butchered into many pieces)… Anime OP/ED Reviews

My reviews continue… and this will also be a double feature. A big hint to their titles, the two series are the only shoujo titles available this season. Though one of them could be argued due to its mixed themes, reasons for my decision might be given out later. For now, just believe me when I say that it’s shoujo.


Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou)*

*This is the iffy shoujo series.

OP title: Atashi no Machi, Ashita no Machi
Artist: Hitomi Takahashi

It takes a while to get into this. Although I found it good, it’s not great. However, in the unlikely event that the series ends badly (“everyone dying” bad… not the “FUBARed Claymore ending” bad), then this would move up in the rankings. The music creates a melancholic atmosphere, as if someone was remembering better days. Most of the animation goes with the mood and the little parts that don’t… really clash. Overall, it had the main character sitting in a room all by herself. Then the image gets fuzzy and translucent scenes from within the anime play out. Nothing plot-wise was shown so there weren’t any spoilers. Right before she starts crying, there is one crisp image of her confronting another main character, also happening to be a very potential love interest. The difference in quality is really apparent and adrupt. If it were to be blurred like the rest of the OP, it would be better. Overall, pretty average.

Rating: 6/10


ED title: Changes
Artist: Base Ball Bear

Unlike the OP, it kept a more optimistic outlook. I really think the music outdone the animation since all it had… was the main character running down a rural road toward the sun. Sure, the same flashback images played around the middle but they were focused on the gunfights, not too fitting for the song. Then, there was that moment when she flew… before crashlanding into a meadow full of daisies. Not impressive at all. Song-wise, I enjoyed it and the group’s name is cool. However, that’s not enough in the grander scheme so the ED also comes out average.

Rating: 6/10


Itazura na Kiss

OP title: Kimi, Meguru, Boku
Artist: Motohiro Hata

I didn’t like this song. It was too laid back for the comedic theme of the show. Granted, romance is usually a slow development, the dynamics between the two lovebirds often involve spontaneous encounters/mistakes. A more upbeat tune would be better. On the bright side, the lyrics were ok. Average.

Rating: 5/10


ED title: Kataomoi Fighter
Artist: GO! GO! 7188

Surprisingly, I liked this. Like the show, it’s very refreshing and cute. It also focuses on the main character and the lyrics match the plot. My favorite part would be the very beginning when the colorful circles simulate the guitar strokes. The “ah~” part is also very pleasing. This proves that something very simple can also be very good.

Rating: 7/10


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