Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 3

Presenting… Kokuun’s one and only… Anime OP/ED Reviews

Continuing in my little pet project, next up would be a special double feature. Both being Gonzo new works, I introduce to you the latest victims subjects… The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk and Blassreiter!


I’m tired of fighting against WordPress for proper formatting. Eureka will sadly be shrimpified for the rest of the session.

The Tower of Druaga

OP title: Swinging
Artist: Muramasa

NOTE: This is the version featuring Neeba’s party. There’s another that shows Jil’s.

Although the plot and the song seem to have no relation to each other, I must say… I’m very impressed by it. Swinging has a very catchy and upbeat tune about it, always lifting my spirits whenever I listen to it. Also, the accompanying animation is quite entertaining. It blends in the RPG elements within the modern day theme. For example, the beginning has Jil looking at a Roper alarm clock before realizing that he woke up late. If you didn’t know, a Roper is one of the basic monsters in the show. The characters are also introduced somewhat discreetly throughout the minute or so duration. My personal favorite, Ahmey voiced by Risa Hayamizu, showed up early on as a jogger. Overall, very nice and entertaining. I love the cute ending scene with Jil and Kaaya being with each other… both in the fantasy RPG world and the modern one.

Rating: 9/10


ED title: Tochosha-tachi
Artist: Kenn

Unlike the OP, it kept with the fantasy RPG theme and had the characters in their adventurer’s dress. I found the song decent, would almost say it’s good but there’s something missing from it… that I can’t describe. Anyways, the animation was basically the camera panning over some still-frames repeatedly except for the last part. Then Jil and Kaaya are just running toward the other members of their group who were waiting under a tree. I guess it’s fitting but the average song and average animation combination… will just point to one thing, this ED is average.

Rating: 6/10



I should apologize beforehand… since I’m going to be harsh on this series. There’s got to be one rotten apple in the basket. This failure from Gonzo just happened to fit the bill…

OP title: Detarame na Zanzo

I dig this song… but only for the first 20 seconds. After the guitars die and the vocals come in, my face would distort in pain and I’ll immediately fast forward ahead. The vocals aren’t really that horrible but it definitely clashes with the animation, especially when the XAT team starts going haywire with the rockets. Also, Gerd has too much airtime considering that he’s not the main character… despite the first couple episodes seemingly so. He died (whoops? Did I spoil you?). Animation alone? It’s ok but the music really kills the ratings.

Rating: 3/10


ED title: Sad Rain
Artist: Aki Misato

The music and setting seem to go together well… if you haven’t watched the series. Unlike Tower of Druaga’s OP which also didn’t go with the plot, this one lacks creativity to grant it exemption. It has a smooth silky jazz feel to it. The camera pans over the XAT team going over Joseph (Blue) and Malek (Yellow) and the members don’t seem to be doing much but lazing the day away. Unfortunately, that’s not how the plot is and then wasting the second half of the ED on just getting a birds-eye view… of an empty room! Where did the people go? Anyways, two thumbs down for the music side to Blassreiter.

Rating: 2/10


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  1. The best anime opening Spring 2008 season is Kaiba :)

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