Ranting about the New Anime Fans

Granted that I myself am not that old of an anime fan (starting around 1995 was when I showed interest), I hope to present myself in a manner that is more mature and professional. After all, it’s better to be seen as a “smart ass” than a “dumb ass”. Anyways, back to the point, this post will be a rant… more against the viewers and ignorant such people that posted their own opinions, whether or not they used their brain is another matter, while watching the new Type-Moon release, Kara no Kyoukai.

Person A: wats this show all about anyway…it feels kinda boring…

I will abstain bashing this stranger for having atrocious spelling (it ish the Internets after alls). My opinion of this character will be that of… zero respect points. Why? The person probably watched the first couple minutes and got lost due to the complex beauty of anime falling into categories other than Naruto and Bleach. Then he or she decided to complain about it… since I’m sure Person A will take back his or her statements if they ever get to the middle. Stabbing ghosts in an eloquent manner is not boring right? Wait, maybe Shiki needs to throw in ear grinding screams of BUSHIN NO JUTSU in order to gain this viewer’s favor. Anyways, if you don’t understand the background of the story, it’s not a sin. However, it’s more mindful for other people if you were to look up the little unmentioned details rather than complain about it without any real basis.


Person B: ………………..

Yes, spamming dots is a valid comment. I’m sure my neighbors cat can do that too. Thank you for wasting my time and the few braincells that died in the attempt to read deeper into your comment. It was very expressive and informative what you’ve wrote. Please continue to post such insightful… crap. Ok, I give up trying to be nice. Go die in a ditch somewhere.


Person C: 1) i don’t get it 2) creepy 3) so it was a book first right? Is this a spin off the book or the actual story?

Yes, anime tends to require braincells in order to understand. Not everything is as stupidly dumb and spoon-feeding information via fillers like Naruto and Bleach. As for the creepy part, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Some people prefer stuff other than mindless action or sappy romance. However, the last part about it being based off of a book (visual novel to be correct), wouldn’t 99% of other anime be considered the same? Maybe the person doesn’t know that it’s a Type-Moon work… or the fact that most adaptations modify something from the source. I don’t recall too many shows that mirrored the original work word-by-word. Would it apply here? Most certainly. Anime is made from a set budget and things will be cut. Paper does not translate to the digital screen perfectly. Change is a must.



Yes she did. Does that excuse you from spamming CAPS LOCK and spoiling the rest of the viewers? No.


Person E: i’ve got nothin to watch… so i’ll waste my time watching this

You’ve wasted my time reading your stupid pointless comment. Not only that, you posted this before watching it. Please die.


Person F: WTF IT’s cool but… makes me wish they had these novels in America. And now i’m guessing Shiki is like one of those “shikigami” things? I know they’re like familiars but i don’t actually …. yeah whatever… go america… sure

What the hell? Does this even relate? Shikigamis? Those servant spirits that are often shown summoned via paper? How is that similar to Shiki Ryogi who just stabbed her way through 8 ghosts to save the soul of a potential love interest? The novels will come to America soon enough… I just have doubts about this person’s mental capacity to read them.


So ends my short little rant. If you recognize any of these words as yours, I apologize if I was too harsh. I should have known that you needed more time to process such hard requests like comment etiquette. Maybe I should do a tutorial since some people seem to require it =.=


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