Spring 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 1

Presenting… Kokuun’s one and only… Anime OP/ED Reviews

There are plenty of shows to watch this spring and halfway through the season, I finally feel confident enough to discern which of them are worth my time. Like most other people, I would drop a series if no redeeming qualities could be found (*ahem* Kanokon *cough*). Time is of the essence and as much as I would love to, it’s not humanly possible to watch anime 24/7. However, even if the show itself is a complete utter failure, we must not disregard the artists who composed the opening and closing songs. Sometimes, we remember a show just because of the music… depending on how great or horrible it was. This season is no exception.

Starting with the more popular and then trickling down to the underdog shows… This will be a multi-post topic so be prepared for future updates. Final rankings will be at the very end of this feature. Youtube links to the songs will be provided for your convenience but if any of them gets removed, don’t complain. I’m sure you can use their search engine to find alternate uploads.

Code Geass R2

OP Title: O2
Artist: Orange Range

The band has an unique blend of male vocals. It is decent enough for the series and matches quite well with the animation, especially with the “I continue to fight!” part. However, this pales in comparison to the previous season’s OP, Colors done by FLOW. After a couple times listening to O2, I quickly lost interest. Even the full version seemed to be quite lacking. I guess I’m not a big Orange Range fan though I did like their work on Bleach’s first OP, Asterisk. Overall, I can only say that this is an above average song. One more note, when I first saw it and Lelouch came onto the screen riding a white stallion, my jaw literally dropped. A serious WTF moment for me… and still a tad discomforting.

Rating: 7/10


ED title: Shiawase Neiro
Artist: Orange Range

I don’t understand why Code Geass, being the awesome franchise it is, seem to lack decent ED songs. The music gives me an impression of serenity, reinforced by the slide show of the main characters with angelic/devilish touches. The show is completely different, filled with continuous strategy and entrancing
mecha battles. The song is average but what really irked me were the images of V.V. and Suzaku. Though strongly implied that V.V. is a guy, the picture does not support either gender and having only his wings cover his… presumably nude body… Well, it’s disturbing thinking that it could be a trap… or reverse trap. Making it worse is the emperor standing right behind him. Pedo-bear alliance? As for the Suzaku part, I hate his guts and the extra two seconds he has displayed as an agnel… earns much hate from me. Thumbs down!

Rating: 4/10


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