Kara no Kyoukai – Possibly Wasted on the Masses

Shiki\'s Cute Side

While I’m still rewatching the first release… for the 20th time (give or take), I’ve come to a sad realization. This glorious and epically wonderful series… or its impression of such… will be wasted upon the majority of the anime community. Why? Just like Ef -A Tale of Memories- though not as symbolically rich, it’s just simply too complex for the average viewer.

When the two despairing minds get close,
The true sadness spreads its wings

In the night
As if dreaming of the midday shadow
Let’s fall down to the light

Reasons why Kara no Kyoukai will be left unappreciated

1) It’s a Type-Moon adaption

Generally, Type-Moon works are very deep and rich with the plot. Tsukihime is overwhelmingly good and most certainly, the anime did not do the visual novels justice. Fate/Stay Night (again disclaiming that I’ve read the novels or the latter half of the anime) supposedly is excellent and could be even better. Understanding this, we can come to the conclusion that Type-Moon works are like those masterpiece books. Movie adaptions can always try to come close… but in the end, they never will reach the standards that the originals set.

2) Shiki Ryogi (name subject to change) is the main character… and female.

I’m not trying to say that female led shows are failures… but we have to admit, the majority of the audience are male and most shows cater to those cursed with the Y-chromosomes. Just look at Kanokon, To Love-Ru, and Rosario+Vampire. While Shiki is represented by her strong focused though indifferent character, I’m afraid that most viewers looking for a female-strong show are looking for an ecchi harem filled with intergalactical girls wearing little to nothing or… something that has a girl spiral in love toward a bullying guy that shouldn’t call her stupid… even if she is an idiot. Pity.

3) Though epic with the ghost fight, there’s not enough action to snag fanboys.

Most fanboys are raving for those epic battles involving overpowered and outrageously designed mechas… possibly to be intertwined with a siscon brother with some magical power in one eye. Flashy knife moves are not desired as we prefer rapid spinning 3x midair kicking and wall-haxing robots… Pity*2.

4) Pizza > Ice Cream

Haagan Diaz is the show’s sponsor… and against Pizza Hut, we can see the obvious winner. Strawberry ice cream vs. the world’s largest pizza? Pity^2.

Any additional comments?

The lyrics are from the ED of the release… Oblivious by Kalafina Project. You can find the rest of it here:


2 Responses

  1. I agree with the fact that this awesome anime will be greatly unappreciated by the anime community. All most all of Nasu’s work is very complex and hard to understand, but yet if understandable are very interesting and excellent. So for the average anime viewer, this anime would be very complex and unappreciated, most of them would probably be confused from the storyline itself. Other than that, this is an excellent anime. ^^

  2. dont worry abt the masses

    the kara no kyoukai is easily understandable tough you have to watch carefully
    (except spiral labyrinth that one is tough)

    in the next 20 years lotta people will enjoy
    it .
    like i just got to see logh

    its kinda dangerous ever since my bro watched
    this hes dreamin abt consumption
    hes freakin me out

    the autor himself is a instable person coz he includes lotta actual info mixed with fantasy
    he himself doesnt know the real config anymore

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