Spring 2008 Anime Kickoff!

So it’s about 2.5 weeks into the new season of anime. With Fall 2007 having most of their hits shows falling under the drama genre, Spring 2008 appears to find its own little niche in a different category… fan service. Don’t get me wrong… There’s a good number of decent shows that don’t emphasize the panty flashes or boob shots. So let’s take a gander at the new shows and see how ecchi most of them are.

Code Geass R2

Hit show from last spring. I personally loved it since it was Death Note… but on a grander scale. Throw in mecha action and two appealing female characters, what’s not to love? Oh, I must add that Kallen in a bunny suit is an epic win. Why? Because she just is. And C.C.? Well, haven’t seen her lounging around eating pizza yet so she lost the lead… for now. Lelouch is still being awesome as ever, ingenious in killing off the Governor in the first few episodes (kinda like season 1).

Ecchi-ness rating (out of 10): * * * * * * *


If anime could find that thin line between fan service and straight out hentai… this would be pushing it further into the latter. Probably as bad as Green Green. Fox spirit girl that wants to bed the tiny little boy, also believing that “the boy is the key and the girl is the keyhole”. So much could be said about that. More female characters are expected to jump in. Currently with said overly proportioned fox spirit and now a Rei-wolf spirit wanna-be.

Ecchi-ness rating (out of 10): * * * * * * * * * *

To Love-Ru

Winter 2007/08 had Rosario + Vampire. Well, Spring 2008 has To Love-Ru to fill in the spot of no-plot but panty galore. Weak harem set-up if it goes by the manga. However, it’s ONLY redeeming value is the intro. Though stuffed with boob shots, how it shows credits is very unique and well-done. Nuff said.

Ecchi-ness rating (out of 10): * * * * * * * * * *

Macross Frontier

Haven’t really been a huge fan of Macross… but I really enjoyed the transforming jet into half-mecha to full-mecha. The main character is a guy who is the ideal definition of “bishounen”. His nickname is also “hime” (princess). There’s also that Nyan-Nyan song… which shall immortalize the series and Spring 2008.

Ecchi-ness rating (out of 10): * * * * (* * * *)

8/10 if you’re one of those slobbering raving fan girls since there’s a nice scene of topless “hime”.

Nabari no Ou

Another ninja series but unlike Himawari, it shows good potential. I love the intro. People said that it will be the next Naruto but I doubt that it will suck that hard. There’s just no way they can stuff 200+ episodes of filler into this.


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