Tomoyo After (Review)

Deviant from the main Clannad pairing (Nagisa x Tomoya), this short bit of manga is about what would have happened if Tomoya actually chose Tomoyo (I’m guessing from the original dating sim game, those two have their own arc). A very nice read, cute yet depressing. Highly recommended if you got free time to read a short 4 chapters of it.


Seriously, after watching the Clannad movie and finishing the series shortly after, I had mixed feelings for Clannad. Mentioned before, the movie was powerfully emotional especially toward the end. However, the way Tomoya and Nagisa got together seemed to be paced badly. Going from the theater revelation to happily ever after took only a couple of minutes. As for the series, we knew who was going to be with Tomoya after the tennis match. All those Kyou and Tomoyo fans must still be reeling. The confession was also too sudden but I was appeased by the follow-up episode 23 that gave detail on how they get further along in their relationship. But, I suppose I’ll be rejoicing once Clannad: After Story comes out since that’s supposed to be the good stuff. Anyways, recently I stumbled upon this humble 4-chapter work.12.jpg11.jpg


The characters are a little OOC (out of character). Tomoyo was less serious and more impulsive in the manga. There’s still the pedo-bear suit that she stole and wears whenever she wants to be a heroine of justice. She shows her cute side, getting riled up whenever she feels unwomanly. Chibi Tomoyo <3


As far as the story goes, it starts out warm and comfortable. Their relationship is doing well and their future is bright. But like all other Key works, disaster. Tomoya collapses one day from an extreme headache, later revealed to be a brain tumor. The tumor also interferes with his memory. For the longest while, he forgot who she was and Tomoyo had to go through the painful motions of refreshing his memory… only for him to lose it before her next hospital visit. Their romance continued this little dance until Tomoya finally regained his memories for a short time. Saying that he loves her, he also promises to go through with a risky operation to save his memories. Just when you thought everything’s going to be well, the operation fails… and he dies.

Powerful, short, and sweet. That’s what I can boil this work down to.


2 Responses

  1. Where can i read this manga complete i have readed but not complete thanks =D

  2. It’s not in English but it’s found here.

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