Bitter Virgin (Chapter 24)

 Bitter Virgin

The ashes of her child… and the revelation of her past.



Izumi’s stillborn child was cremated, and its ashes was returned to the family. The container that held its remains was put on the family altar. Daisuke makes several comments about how they will resume their everyday lives, finding some way to get past the pain and return to normality. He also makes a comparison between his sister and Aikawa, wondering who suffered more sorrow. Izumi lost her chance to be a mother while Aikawa became a mother against her will.


After coming to terms with the family loss, Daisuke returns to school. Kazuki was the first to greet him, forcing her way to the front when he entered the classroom. She acted concerned, faking her tears while saying that “She’s so sad” to hear about his sister. Daisuke just lashed out, asking why she’s the one crying and that if she’s looking for comfort, he’s not the one to turn to. Before the enraged girl could do anything rash, Yuzu stops her. They should give Daisuke his space and in time, he will come to them. Still, Kazuki mutters beneath her breath about how the recent events “served the bitch right”, her words bearly overhead by Aikawa.


Returning home, Daisuke found his sister drinking tea. She makes several complaints about how she’s still living as if she was still pregnant, avoid alcohol and still in her maternity clothes. Izumi also refuses to return to the hospital for post-birth tests. She just doesn’t want to hear the sounds of other babies. She would be the only one going alone, a sore thumb that would mark her as a mother who birthed a stillborn.


While walking home the next day, Aikawa surprised him by saying that she knew “a relative who gave birth” and that if his sister needed any comfort, she could come talk to her. Surprised by Aikawa’s forwardness, he let her in. Aikawa brought some stuff to alleviate Izumi’s physical changes. They had small talk before Aikawa says that “she understands her pains”. Scoffing, Izumi snaps back, thinking that there’s no way for any (normal) high school girl to understand. Just before the chapter ended, Aikawa confesses to Izumi that she had given birth to a baby boy last year.


Wow… just wow. The emotions in this chapter is kept high as usual. The author did a very good job expressing Izumi’s pain and suffering. After all, she seems to be the focus of this chapter. The beginning started out sad with the resolution of her birth. Somewhere in the middle, Izumi laments about how she’s constantly reminded about her failed opportunity at motherhood, avoiding the tests and how it would take more time for her body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Finally, at the conclusion, she lets out her frustration upon Aikawa.

Kazuki is continuing to be a thorn on Daisuke’s side. Despite her attempts to get closer to him, all she did was drive him away. Of course, she’s being made to be a character to hate upon, developed to be ignorant and superficial. I despise her, probably how the author wanted all her readers to feel.


Finally, the author, Kusunoki, had a very enlightening afterward about how she based most of the material in Bitter Virgin from personal experience. She admits to crying a lot while working on the manuscript, not sure if she went insane or not. She also says that the greatest event in her life, was the birth of her daughter and hearing her child call her mama. All in all, it’s something that should be read and not discarded just because it’s not part of the plot. I’ve enjoyed it. You would too.


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  1. For the love of God, when is Chapter 25 coming out? Is it coming out?!

  2. When will be chpt 25?? Please!! It can´t end like that! Just no…. :(
    Sorry for my english


  4. when is chapter 27 coming out

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