Shin Angyo Onshi (Chapter 67 – 68)

Aji Tae makes a visit and a fearsome yet familiar being breaks into the hero’s camp.

Chapter Summaries:


Just right after rescuing everyone, Aji Tae makes a surprise appearance in camp. Munsu and him shared a few words before several soldiers tried to ambush the evildoer from behind. Without any warning, everything behind Aji Tae was blown away (including the attackers). Despite being shocked at first, Munsu boldly states that he will be the one who will win, also defeating anyone who sides with him even if he is far outnumbered and overpowered. He sets the date for the final battle on the day “when the sun and moon become one”. Aji Tae, amused, agrees to the terms and left with one last remark, saying that Munsu still thinks of Sando as a human.


The remainder of the chapter is focused more on the former general gathering more forces to fight in the final battle. Miss Hwang and Eul Paso joined up just after Aji Tae’s visit. The ruler of the Western regions had gathered his entire army, the full Yojin tribe just camping outside of the city. Even people from the West came, under the flag of Her Majesty and led by General Lucid. Yet, despite so much incoming support, Munsu still states that their odds of winning is zero. However, relating humankind to a candle going out, he says that they will consume everything in one final flare.

22.jpg25.jpg 40.jpg

In the subsequent chapter, just when they were in the middle of planning, a fierce and sudden attack came upon their camp. A monstrous being of flesh and blades ripped through their defenses. Everything seems to be lost just when Munsu recognized the monster as Won Sul. The general remembered a time back when the sword-master wished to die, though after seeing Aji Tae perish in his hands. With tears in his eyes, Munsu delivered his final order for the cannons to blow up the ammunition depot underneath Won Sul. In one magnificent explosion, Won Sul was finally able to pass away, his soul free of Aji Tae’s manipulation. In the last few pages, we see Munsu cursing Aji Tae’s name.


I love how everything is building up. Everything is pointing to one massive epic fight for the future of humankind. Then, in chapter 68, we see Won Sul again, though his form this time so warped that it’s hard to see him as a man anymore. Sando is still under Aji Tae’s sway and will probably confront that Western woman in the final battle. The blind former magician will face the Western magician on the other side. That’s how I predict things will go. Of course, nothing about the series seem to be lacking and I really look forward to where it goes.

This is how ALL action manga’s should be.


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