Neon Genesis Evangelion -Record of Heaven’s Descent- (Chapters 1 and 2)

Cover page

For all those Evangelion fans out there, another series for you to ponder over…
(enjoy? maybe not)

Author Commentary:

Neon Genesis Evangelion – Gakuen Datenroku (The Record of Heaven’s Descent)


So, browsing my usual sources for entertainment, I came upon these two newly-translated chapters. Being an Evangelion fan myself (though not as hardcore as some other people), I gave it a try. After flipping through a couple pages, I came to the following conclusions.

  1. Shinji may be not so… wimpy in this one (could be a player since Kaji raised him)
  2. Rei looks more mature. (<3)
  3. Misato is still Misato (no signs of those littered beer cans as of yet)
  4. Kaworu is still concerned about Shinji (hopefully not romantically in love in the future)
  5. The Lance of Longinus seems to be Rei’s weapon of choice and her impaling some punk angel on it is awesome
  6. Ramiel is the said punk, throwing lightning around.
  7. Asuka barely makes an appearance, outside of the usual character introduction (IMO, a good thing).

Either way, the series doesn’t have the feel of Evangelion. However, it is better than Angelic Days, which ruined some of the characters (namely Rei) and is spun off as a romantic drama-filled series. This time, Rei is kept to character and Kaworu is still mysterious as ever. There’s the same secret organization hidden underground and “Shinji saves the day” attitude.

Am I going to keep up with the series? Probably so… or until Asuka becomes an attention hog.


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  1. Ooh.

    This has to be checked out.

  2. Your site is the best!!
    Please link to this site.

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