Gundam 00 (Episode 19)

This episode gets the line of the week…

Setsuna a G-nut

Super Condensed Episode Summary:


Setsuna engaged the Gundam Thrones, as left off in the previous episode. Michael engaged him and was about to pierce Exia’s back with his Fang attacker when Tierta joined the fight. Destroying the sneak attack with his giant pink laser of doom, the two surprisingly worked together in their attempts to strike down the other 3 Gundams. At one point, Nena and Johann were about to merge but Tierta broke their link. It actually turned out to be a trap for them to take advantage of Virtues low maneuverability. However, just before they could fire, Tierta activated Nadleeh and used it’s “Trial” system. From the description, it disables any Gundam that is linked to Veda. Just before he can make a shish-kabob out of the Gundam Thrones, he was forcibly disconnected. It was firm proof that some party had hacked into Veda. Lockon finally shows up and with 3-on-3, the Thrones broke off since they didn’t want to hinder their plans if any of them were destroyed. However, before they left, Johann revealed that Setsuna was a former member of the KPSA, the terrorist organization that killed his family.


With Saji and Louise, Louise told Saji to back to Japan so that he won’t lose his dream of going to space. There was a sad sequence and it seems as though their relationship will end. However, as most of us would probably guess, they’ll get back together in some romantic way.


Lockon confronted Setsuna on the island and they talked.The pilot of Dynames even had his gun out but Setsuna answered all of his questions honestly. After hearing that the man behind it all, the bombings and child guerrillas, his anger is now directed at the PMC pilot, Ali Al Sarshes.


At the very end, all three major alliances around the world was about to surrender to Celestial being when they got a phone call. The contact said that he was affiliated with Celestial being and had people from each group come to a secret base in Antarctica. There, the emissaries were surprised to find several dozen GN drives, the hard-kept secret that provides Gundam with that overwhelming power.


Good episode. Nadleeh’s system now has a purpose… instead of just having Virtue slimming down into a more sleek sexier form. All of the 4 original Gundam pilots are now itching for a fight with the Gundam Thrones. Likewise can be said for the Thrones.

That UN Ambassador/Celestial Being observer is looking more and more villainous. He’s probably going to appear more since he’s supporting the Thrones. Evil evil man.

Saji and Louise… sad but necessary. I really didn’t feel any pity for Louise til the previous episode when she lost her hand. Now, she seems more… realistic and human.

Setsuna had his past revealed. Allelujah dealt with his background of a superhuman. Now Lockon had his time, his reason for joining Celestial Being now revealed. All that’s left is Tierta… Mr. Perfectionist.


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