So maybe you wondered where I went due to the recent lack of posts. I’ll have to point the blame all upon this one game. It  open beta-ed to North Americans a week ago and I’ve been playing since.

I really enjoyed playing this since it’s a big step up from the other game I played, Maplestory. Besides the obvious fact that it’s 3D and has enabled PVP/PK abilities, it’s also F2P. It may not be as spiffy as WoW and shouldn’t be compared to it since that’s P2P. Very flashy skills, especially the higher level ones and special class-specific “Battle Modes”.

There are 6 basic classes common to all MMORPGs (warrior, archer, mage, etc). Personally, keeping tradition with my MS character, I chose the Force Archer and really enjoy it. Friends I know chose other classes and are somewhat happy (maybe not so happy since I kill them in duels).

[screenshots to come]


5 Responses


  2. lol, Cabal’s graphics kick wow’s anytime lmao. and in terms of spiffiness.. i dunno, maybe i’m a lil bit biased but i can think of so many reasons why cabal is way better than wow lol

  3. ang ganda shit
    ang galing namn!

  4. hi po!!!! mga pUT……… NYO!!!!1

  5. hi poh

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