Bitter Virgin (Chapter 23)

Bitter Virgin

What was once going to be a happy ending… now turned bitter.


Happy FutureReality

The new chapter starts out with Daisuke’s thoughts of a happy future and having them shattered by cruel reality. He would have a nephew. Aikawa would visit more often to help babysit the baby and in return, he would make meals to thank her. They would eventually get closer and closer, further developing their relationship. It was the perfect “future that he [I] painted for himself [myself]”. But, when he stood outside the delivery room, he didn’t hear the healthy cries of a newborn baby. Instead, he heard the cries of his sister, wailing in pain and sadness. Despite doing all she could, Izumi’s child was born with its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck, a stillborn. The joyful future that would lead them all to happiness was now lost.


Upon hearing the news, Daisuke was in shock since he never expected what happened to Aikawa’s first pregnancy to happen then. His sister’s child had so much energy, kicking fiercely when it was still in the womb. But for all that to come to nothing, it was inconceivable. Aikawa brought him back to reality by asking him if there was anything that she could do. Daisuke turned her away, saying that she should go back home. After she left, his mother asked if he would want to see the baby. When he entered the room, he found his sister cradling the stillborn. Izumi called it an idiot for dying like it did.


When he went back outside, he saw his mother talking to the nurse about the cremation process. His mom also asked if Izumi had to stay at the hospital, to which the nurse said she had to due to blood loss. She then begged for Izumi to be put in a private room so she wouldn’t be tortured by the sounds of other babies born successfully.


The next day, Daisuke visited the hospital and found a note from his sister about seeing the baby. Mistaking its meaning for suicide, he rushed to find her only to have his misconceptions cleared up. The two went to the roof and Izumi came to terms with her child’s death. However, at the very end, she cried out against the world, finding it unfair for her to be the only one without a child even though there are parents who would discard or abuse their own.


Back in school, Kazuki kept pestering Yuzu for news about Daisuke and why he wasn’t in class. It was left unknown whether or not she let her know. After class, Yuzu and Aikawa talked together. Yuzu expressed her sympathy, saying that Izumi was undergoing so much pain since she was so looking forward to giving birth.


Yuzu’s words made Aikawa think about her own experiences. She had thought of babies being nothing more than parasites feeding off the mother. She began to wonder about her child, the one she gave up for adoption. Is it happy and smiling, wherever it is?


I initially thought [and hoped] that Izumi’s child would be born successfully. Though wrong, I was not disappointed. This chapter focused more on Daisuke coming to terms with reality. The nephew he was looking forward to have, is dead and will be cremated soon. The hopes he had for his family and having Aikawa slowly turn into a better person [in terms of her views about birth] were diminished. I love the author even more now with her pacing. Kei Kusunoki had Aikawa ask herself chapter after chapter whether or not what she done in the past was right. Daisuke, despite being the main character, isn’t the real focus. Now, with this new development [with rising hopes now fallen], both sides will have to deal with another set of problems.

I <3 Bitter Virgin.


8 Responses

  1. Mmmm, bitter and melancholic?

    Perhaps I should add this to the “watch-or-read-whenever-you-have-time” list.

  2. I heart this series. It’s full of drama but it has excellent development. Something like this is hard to find amongst the slew of shonen mangas that have dominated the internet. I like the character growth in this immensely.

  3. I am still waiting for Chapter 25! For the love of God, if this is how the story ends, there will be carnage and Hell to pay!!

  4. Gah! What is taking so long for chapter 25 to be released? If it doesn’t come out soon, the fangirl rage will kill us all!!

  5. I love this serie. i just cant wait until chapter 25 gets out. as Orientlsoldr said. if this is how the serie ends, it will decrease to one of the worst manga ever created. Witch will not happen (^_^)

  6. Just be patient… The next (and final) release should come out any day now. I just hope it ends properly… tying up all those loose ends (Daisuke getting together with Hinako, Kazuki going into the mental facility where she belongs, etc.)

  7. jesus!! :D i love this manga!! why is it taking a whole ETERNITY to get the chappy up??

  8. Because that’s how good Bitter Virgin is?

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