Clannad (Episode 15)

Nagisa gets stronger… and claims Tomoya


The episode starts out with the same mysterious scene with the robot and girl in a glowing field. The robot realizes that the girl was alone in the world, thinking that he was born here to change the bleak atmosphere. The girl asked him if he wished to be born in such a world. He answers by holding her hand.

Back in school, Sunohara comes up with a brilliant plan to win over Nagisa. He was going to put his name down for the Theater Club so that it could be made, assuming they get an adviser to sponsor them. However, just when he entered the room, Kyou beat him to the punch and already added their names down. Sunohara reacted violently, tripping and rolling into the far wall, knocking himself out for the rest of the day. As for the rest of the group, they talked with Koumura-sensei, the teacher that also sponsored Fuko’s sister’s wedding. However, the instructor was already approached by another group, the Choir group, to be their adviser. He tells them to talk to Nishina Rie, the girl who lent Kotomi her violin. When Nagisa privately talked to her, Nishina was willing to let Nagisa have Koumura as their adviser since they were seniors and on their last year.

That night, Tomoya was in Sunohara’s room when Misae comes in, looking for Sunohara since there was a phone call for him. He wasn’t there since he was knocked out still from earlier. Tomoya answers for him and pretends to be Sunohara over the phone. The sister, surprisingly, falls for it and said that she’s coming after tomorrow. Before Tomoya could clear things up, she hung up.

The next day, Nagisa found a threatening note in her desk, telling her to give up on the drama club. Sunohara thinks that the culprit is someone from the Choir club, but Nagisa refuses to believe this since they were so kind to Kotomi with the violin. Because of this, Sunohara decides to investigate on his own, reporting later that Sugisaka from the choir club was seen putting something in her desk. Sunohara called her out to have Nagisa and Tomoya talk with her. Sugisaka first takes responsibility for the letter, saying it has nothing to do with Nishina or the others. Sunohara yells saying that he doesn’t believe her but then, Nagisa steps in to solve the issue on her own.

Sugisaka reveals that Nishina played the violin since she was young and had won many competitions. Nishina even planned to go study overseas, but she got into an accident that weakened her grip and prevented her from playing the violin. Sugisaka notes that Nishina was lonely when she entered this school and they wanted to make the Choir club so that she can sing even if she can’t play the violin. She begs Nagisa not to get in the way and Sunohara butts in, angrily telling her not to fall for the pity act. He’s so angry with Sugisaka that he threw his drink at her. Nagisa intervenes again and decides to give up on the drama club. She believes that the Choir club is more serious about what they want to do. Frustratesd, Sunohara storms off. Tomoya explains to Nagisa that Sunohara is the same as him, both entering due to sports but for some reason, they had to quit. For Sunohara, he fought with an upperclassman in the soccer club and was forced to leave. Since Sunohara had to give up halfway, he can’t forgive people when they try to take advantage of circumstances. Tomoya also remarks that Nagisa thinks too much of others, often forgetting about her own desires. He also notes that Nagisa got a lot stronger on her own. Even so, she began to start crying. Just when Tomoya touched her shoulders, Kyou interrupted and scolded Nagisa for not thinking about herself.

The next day, Sunohara was still fuming, plotting ways to destroy the Choir club. Tomoya told him to calm down and suggests for them to go to the library reference room for free coffee and to skip class. Yukine, the manager of the room, pulled out astrology book and read something about orange being a good color and basketball being a lucky word for Sunohara. Somehow, he goes crazy and leaves in a hurry, saying that he just came up with a great idea. When Tomoya left, he ran into two members of the judo club trying to recruit Tomoyo (for her awesome martial arts skills). Before Tomoya can step in though, Fuuko appears to help since Tomoyo came to her sister’s wedding. However, Fuuko quickly realizes that the two judo club members also came. Unable to take sides here, she takes her leave and promises to reappear again. After Fuuko disappears, Tomoya glares at the male judo club member before pulling Tomoyo away. Tomoyo is impressed that he stood up to the captains, saying that she was thankful since she’s going to be busy with student council president elections and wouldn’t have time for clubs. Hearing this, Tomoya thinks about how it’d be easier to reestablish the drama club if someone like her was the student council president. Tomoyo also compliments him on being a good guy.

The next day, Sunohara reveals his plan as a basketball game to free up an adviser and annoys Tomoya constantly to get his help. Eventually, Tomoya gets freaked out enough to run away after class to escape from him, dragging Nagisa with him when school ended. The two of them didn’t stop until they’re far away from the school. After hearing that Nagisa is still worried about Sunohara, Tomoya lies, saying that in truth, Sunohara is in love with him but he can’t fall in love with another man. He wishes that Sunohara would give up quickly is for his own good. When Sunohara catches up with them, Nagisa misinterprets everything he says and claims that Tomoya is her boyfriend to get Sunohara to give up. This works better than expected, making Sunohara run away crying. Nagisa later apologizes to Tomoya and explains that she felt that she had to protect him. Tomoya thanks her and says that he’s happy. Their moment was interrupted by the appearance of Sunohara’s younger sister, Mei.


Can’t wait to see more of Mei-chan though…. she’s pretty cute and there’s a definite tsundere air around here, hehe. LOL at Tomoya for assuming that she’s a demon child like her brother at first, the shock on his face when he sees her for the first time is really that of regret? Thankfully, she doesn’t take after her brother :).


I admit, the first half was pretty boring. Talks about finally starting the drama club and how they aren’t going to start it anymore were just… not so interesting. Now, with no club to start, I wonder what Clannad will have for a plot. Maybe Koumara will take both clubs. However, it’s probably more likely for Mei to throw a wrench into any development.

I don’t like Fuuko’s random appearance here. Sure, it was cute with the Kotomi arc, but there isn’t any real reason for her to keep popping up. She should disappear, just like the Kanon girls did once their stories are done.

Fwah! I love the Tomoya x Nagisa moments, especially the one with Sunohara. I laughed so hard at it. That scene completely made up for the boring first half. The still frame moments were epic, when Sunohara ran away. Of course, Tomoya is the best with his lies.

I’m not a big Tomoyo fan, maybe after she dressed up in a pedobear suit and kicking Sunohara away like 4 or 5 times. There isn’t a lot of episodes left so I’ll probably be happy with her getting nerfed attention. Ms. Combo Kicker is a bit too violent for Tomoya anyways. I should also mention that I mistake those two’s names often :\


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