Bitter Virgin (Chapter 22)


This is by far, one of the best mangas I’ve ever read. Beautiful drawings with a powerfully emotional and suspenseful plot. A definite must-read for manga lovers everywhere!

Plot Summary:

HinakoPriest?Beginning to Confess

Suwa Daisuke is a regular high school guy living in a small Japanese town. He has only one goal in mind, to leave his hometown and move into the city, just like his older sister did. As for his character, he’s a ladies man, flirting with every girl except one, Aikawa Hinako. She’s a quiet but beautiful girl who has an extreme fear of men. One day, while making a delivery for his mom’s restaurant, he gets between the argument of two girls, both classmates of his and both having some affection for him. Making up a horror story about the vengeful ghost of a murdered bride, he makes his escape into a nearby chapel. Stopping inside to rest, he hears someone coming and conceals himself in the nearby confessional booth. Hinako enters. When she hears him and asks who’s there, he remains in the booth, pretending to be the priest to avoid an awkward moment. He told her that services had ended and asked her to confess or leave. Expecting her to go, he was surprised when she entered the adjacent booth for her confession. Daisuke, believing that her problems will be trivial, plays along. Her following confession will forever change his life and create a bond between the two.

Confession 1Confession 2Confession 3Confession 4Confession 5Support

When she was in junior high, Hinako was raped by her stepfather and got pregnant. After she miscarrying once, her mother continued to believe her husband rather than her daughter, unknowingly letting the abuse continue. Hinako fell pregnant again, but the doctors told her that if she had another abortion, she might lose the ability to bear children. Hinako gave birth to a baby boy and put it up for adoption. That was exactly a year ago. She never saw her child, never held it, before it was taken away. Despite that, she still felt wanting to celebrate his birthday and wanted to ask God if it would be allowed. With her on the verge of breaking down in tears, Daisuke desperately answered, “You have the support of God”. Thanking him, she leaves.

Truth 1Truth 2Truth 3Truth 4

The next day, Daisuke was in disbelief, suspecting Hinako to have fabricated the story. As he follows her home after school, he sees Hinako stopping to stare at a woman and her baby in a carriage. Suddenly, the brakes slip and the carriage rolls down the hill. Hinako runs instantly forward to save the child and Daisuke instinctively jumps in front of her. The carriage and baby are saved, but not before giving Daisuke a cut in the forehead. Inadvertently, Hinako’s skirt is flipped up and he sees a cesarean scar on her stomach, recognizing it from the one he saw on his mother’s stomach as a child. Her story proven true, Daisuke is shocked, but when he walks her home from the hospital (after having his cut treated by her) she cheerfully smiles at him when she recognizes the song he starts singing to himself, making his heart jump. Daisuke resolves to help Hinako in any way he can, but finds himself unable to get her out of his mind.

Chapter Summary:

Labor 1Labor 2

Daisuke’s sister, Izumi, starts out talking with him about how he changed. He’s working harder and he admits that it’s because Aikawa was coming in later to help in the shop. All of the sudden, the kicking got stronger and their mother rushed them to the hospital, knowing that Izumi’s going into labor. Daisuke was dragged along to help carry her there and along the way, he sends out an email to Hinako. She receives the message and has a slight anxiety attack, being reminded about her own baby.

Her resolve

Back in the hospital, Izumi screamed at Daisuke to help her. Having failed at giving her a massage and getting her inferior tea from the cafeteria, he’s sent out to the store to get the brand she wants. Their mother comes in and askes Izumi if the father of the child would like to be informed. Izumi said no and said that she’s resolute on giving birth alone. Daisuke arrives soon afterwards and sent away again to get a nurse since the contractions were getting worse. His mom suits up to deliver the child, fearing that getting the medics would take too long.

Surprise 1Surprise 2

Just outside, Daisuke meets Hinako and freezes, totally unprepared by her appearance. The two talk and Hinako provides a bentou (homemade lunchbox) for Daisuke after hearing his stomach growl. Daisuke talks some more about the child’s birth and how it would change his family.

AnguishGod should just die.

All of the sudden, an anguished cry comes from the delivery room. His mother weakly walks out, falling upon him for support. She tries to say something about the baby but the chapter ends before she could finish. However, at the very end, it concludes with Daisuke’s one thought, wishing that God “should just die.”


First off, I enjoy romance much more than those stereotypical action/adventure type genres. This series completely suits me since it’s intended for a mature audience, particularly for males since the main character is a guy. Where this series rise above the rest is when Aikawa makes her powerful confession. From then on, the story revolves around Daisuke and how he changes his ways. He initially forms a bond of caring and concern for her. However, as time goes on, he finds out that his feelings may have changed to something else, something more than just friendship.

I love this story and how well-paced it is. Just when you thought everything’s calmed down, Izumi goes into labor and is rushed into the hospital. There’s another Daisuke+Hinako moment where this time, she’s the one that’s there to provide him comfort. Of course, the ending is such a suspenseful twist, with that scream and the mother coming out. It seems as if the author, Kusunoki Kei, just wants to throw in more pain and anguish for the two main characters to go through. Either way, I’m loving it and really hope that the next chapter comes out soon.

It took only 10 minutes (1 chapter) for Bitter Virgin to capture me (hook, line, and sinker).


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  1. I agree… this story is one of the best and you should defenatly read it

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