Bleach (Chapter 307)

Finishing one fight and prolonging another…

Note: Lied a bit about the delaying of this post… but I found some free time :)


Contest winners!

The first several pages start off with the results of a popularity contest. Toshiro Hitsugaya was the first place of course (raving fangirls probably celebrating from this). He’s followed by, in order, Rukia, Ichigo, Grimmjow, and Ishida.

Time to FIX you!)

The chapter truly begins with the aftermath of the fight against Szayelaprro Granz, the 8th Espada that fought against Ishida and Renji before the 12th Captain and Vice Captain stepped in. Captain Kurotsuchi was about to “fix” Ishida when the teenager violently protested, fearing the captain’s words about his form “changing”. Nemu helped her father by holding the Quincy down, at one point suffocating him with her breasts. Renji interrupts by asking to be the first one to be healed, wanting to get back into the fight to help the other newcomers from the Soul Society. Kurotsuchi turned him away, saying that the only one still fighting was Kenpachi and he might end up dying if he tries to help.


At the said person’s location, Kenpachi was still fighting against Nnoitra Jiruga. The 11th Division Captain was having little problems catching the Espada and blocking his attacks. Thinking that he found a way to actually harm his opponent, he finally stabbed Nnoitra through his eyepatch, saying that he never met an opponent whose neck and head he couldn’t chop off. The Espada merely laughed at the shinigami, again stating that he could never be cut. Retaliating, he drove his arm into Zaraki’s chest.


Besides the slight humor at the beginning with Ishida and Nemu, the chapter was very boring. I really see the two as a likely couple… though honestly, the chances of that actually happening are very slim. It’ll probably be like Darker than Black’s Hei and Yin (I also favor that pairing as well) where they end up… not as a couple. Anyways, I already had a feeling that Kenpachi would “lose” against Nnoitra and Ichigo will probably get back up to finish the Espada guy off. He has to be the hero anyways. Bleh.


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