Shigofumi (Episode 3)

If you die, shouldn’t there be a reason?

Talking on the roof about suicide…

The episode starts out at a train station where Kotake Tooru was playing a game on his cell phone. He took a step closer to the edge, followed by another. But before he could cross it, the train arrives, surprising him. Back in school, he talks with his friends, Senkawa Daiki and Nojima Kaname, about his morning experience. He asked if any of them thought about just jumping in front of the train. Kaname quickly answers “no”. Daiki, on the other hand, wondered if Tooru wanted to die. Tooru replied that he doesn’t. He tried to explain that he was thinking about jumping, not suicide. Kaname dismissed them to be the same thing. Daiki asked Kaname if he ever thought about dying who again answered “no”. Tooru asked Daiki the same question, if he thought about death. After a long pause, he finally answered that he hasn’t, scaring the other two for a bit for the wait. Then, their conversation was interrupted by a girl who called for Daiki. The remaining two talked a bit more. Tooru mentioned that “We humans can live on because we can forget sad and embarrassing moments”. Kaname recognized the line from somewhere else, which Tooru confessed, was from a game .

Kaname calling Tooru
That night, while Tooru is playing a game, he received a phone call from Kaname who asked if he heard the news. Thinking that it was something more along the lines of a plane crashing or the school being on fire, he was shocked to learn that Daiki had died.

ShigofumiFumika’s job

At the same time, in another part of the city, a trio of yakuza was roughing up a man. Fumika interrupts, knocking aside the gangsters when they turned hostile toward her. She made her way toward the victim, having a shigofumi for him. The man, mistaking her presence for a rescue, thanked her and accepted the item without questions. He proceeded to open the letter, only to find a bloody hand-print. In that brief moment of shock, Fumika walked away, stating that her job as a deliverer has been accomplished. The yakuza went back to beating up the recipient after she left.

Flowers on Daiki’s deskWhy?Interrogation

The news soon revealed that Daiki’s suicide was done by jumping off a building but the reason why he did it remains unknown. On his way to school, Tooru sees the media questioning other students from his school, a bit annoyed that his classmates were more concerned about being on air than mourning over his death. In class, the principal and the teachers even went so far as to interrogate Kaname and him about it, trying to defend the school’s honor and reputation.


A while later on the rooftop, Tooru confessed to Kaname that he’s staring to feel that Daiki wasn’t his friend since he doesn’t know anything about him. Kaname thinks otherwise, saying that it’s normal not to know what he’s thinking about. He even referenced a time back in middle school when a girl from his class shot her father. No one knew what that girl was thinking about either.

Human flaws

Descending from the skies, Fumika and Kanaka were also talking about suicide. Her staff could know understand why people would want to kill themselves. Fumika sees it as a continuation of contamination, eventually having people break and commit suicide, incest, and parricide. According to her, humans are the only living creatures with so many flaws.

No reason why…Daiki’s father

Back in class, Tooru continues to think about Daiki’s death, wanting to know his reason. Seeing the news on TV earlier, he watched as “experts” talked between themselves about the reason but he found them all wrong, despite him not coming up with any explanation for himself. His thoughts were interrupted when Daiki’s father suddenly appears and holds the entire class hostage.

Tooru wants to know as wellFumika arrives!

Daiki’s father did this since he wants to know the true reason why his son died, heartbroken by all the accusations of domestic abuse and school bullying. However, the students don’t know either. Eventually, the man asked about who his son’s friends were. His actions proved fruitless when Tooru responded that he also didn’t know and saying that even he wants to find out what Daiki’s motives were. Just after he answered, Fumika appears.

TV ReportsThe DetectiveSWAT arrives

Meanwhile, outside, the detective that confronted Asuna from the previous episode reappeared. He was concerned since his son, Kaname, was inside. The detective felt so helpless since he can’t do anything, leaving his hope with the department and their SWAT team.

Fumika’s gunFlashback

Fumika walked into the classroom so she can deliver a shigofumi to Tooru. After hearing that it’s from Daiki, the father went into a rage, wanting to be the one to read it. Fumika steps in and points her gun at his head to stop him. At this scene, Kaname had a flashback of a girl carrying a similar handgun, presumably the girl from junior high. Back in class, Daiki’s father requested that, at the very least, he should read the letter out loud. Tooru conceded and began to read.

Daiki’s thoughtsFreefallJust a different route…

In the shigofumi, Daiki said that the incident wasn’t a big deal. He just merely wondered, like Tooru, what would happen if he jumped. Daiki said before that he didn’t think about dying but at the same time, he didn’t think about living either. Thus, there was no real reason. It was, as Daiki said, just to “taking a path different from usual”.

SWAT moving inHis friend

After Tooru finished, Daiki’s father was in disbelief and tore away the shigofumi to see his word were true. Claiming it was fake, Tooru then stated otherwise, saying that it was definitely Daiki who wrote it. Before saying why, the SWAT team outside the classroom moved in, first tossing a flash-bang grenade. Overwhelmed, Daiki’s father was apprehended and the students were freed. Afterwards, Tooru explains how he knew. It was because he was Daiki’s friend.

FumikaKaname confronting FumikaMikawa?

On the rooftops, Fumika talks about how death and how people aren’t saved but instead, “just disappear”. When Kanaka asked where she got that idea from, Fumika said that it came from a once popular writer named Mikawa Kirameki. Kaname then bursts onto the rooftop, calling out to her as Mikawa. Recognizing the gun from before, he remembers that Fumika was his former classmate and asks why she shot her father. This turn of events surprises Kanaka. Meanwhile, in a hospital, a girl was sleeping on a bed with a book nearby. Its author was Mikawa Kirameki.


Besides the intro still annoying me, the episode was good overall. Even though the story was less touching than the previous one, it’s still interesting and presented in a very clean and clear manner. The events were pretty realistic, everything from the three’s friendship to the SWAT moving in. I’ve heard from other viewers about how they felt let-down due to the reason why Daiki died, feeling unsatisfied by his “just because” clause. To me, it was acceptable since people often do things for less than obvious reasons.

The new information about Fumika being Mikawa didn’t really surprise me, probably because I’ve seen this kind of development in other works. But since Kaname recognized her, we can expect to see more of him later on, along with his dad. I have a feeling that those three will come in at least once in every story.


2 Responses

  1. I understand him but at the same time I don’t…
    I also wondered on the idea of jumping off a roof or something just to experience what the fall would be like it’s not like I want to die but I think it’d be good experience xD
    Like one time I went to Crater Lake which is the deepest lake? or something like that in Oregon or in all of US for that matter I think but when I looked down I was like dang i want to jump down there.
    but the first arc was better like you said it wasn’t that this episode is bad it’s just the first episode was probably the best this winter had to offer

  2. I found this arc to be more realistic than the first one but, as said before, much less emotional. Either way, I really liked it.

    The episode turned out to be censored a bit (due to those Higurashi-wannabes) but I didn’t find it too pervasive in this episode. The gun was blurred and they didn’t show Daiki going -SPLAT- but the show didn’t need either of the two to be good.

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