Naruto (Chapter 386)

Uchida showdown? Not yet… but soon! Just… not this chapter…


Mangekyou Sharingan Secret

Itachi reveals that Uchida Madara is still alive and that he possesses the “final” secret to the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Pluck!Ultimate power

Itachi retold the tale of the legendary ninja, adding a bit more detail to the familiar tale. In the beginning of the clan days, Madara had a younger brother who completely matched him, skill-wise.  Eventually, the two gained the Mangekyou Sharingan. Using their ultimate power, they united the Uchida clan. However,  such great power came with a heavy price. Madara realized that he was going blind. Despite all that he could do, nothing seemed to stop his worsening condition. That is, until one day, out of desperation, he stole the eyes of his younger brother and gained a permanent Mangekyou Sharingan.

Building the Hidden LeafShocking Truth!Itachi’s Plan

With a power that cannot be matched, Madara went on to conquer all his opponents, earning himself the title of the strongest shinobi in the world. Making an alliance with the Senju clan of the Leaf, the new group eventually laid the foundation of the Hidden Leaf village. However, after arguing often with the First Hokage, they eventually fought and the Uchida lost. Madara, though defeated and in exile, formed the Akatsuki and started the Kyuubi incident. Itachi continued to say that the current Madara is a “pathetic shell of his former self”. Seeing such an opportunity, Itachi decided to gain an equal power by stealing Sasuke’s eyes, just like Madara did with his younger brother.

Showdown begins?

And so… the showdown WILL begin (hopefully in the next chapter). Sasuke will now have that chance to fulfill his ambition… to kill a certain man, the man that he used to call his brother… Itachi.


Admittedly, I’m not a big Naruto fan since it’s a bunch of pure shounen, all fight without any real substance. This chapter, like the two or three before it, is continuing to build up momentum for the Uchida showdown which is sure to have all fan-girls drooling. However, I am glad somewhat that the chapter served more to answer questions and address the past. It was nice knowing how the Hidden Leaf was established and clearing up who started the Kyuubi rampage is a plus. Overall, the chapter is pleasing and I hope to see some bloodshed soon. I look forward to having an emo character who’s been going on and on for 386 chapters become “un-emo-ed” (or so I hope).


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