Spice and Wolf (Episode 3)

Horo! Horo! Horo!

Poor forgotten Horo!

The series start out with the two travelers just entering the port city of Pattsio. They talked about Horo leaving her face exposed, something that Lawrence worried about since someone might recognize the local goddess. Horo brushed him off, reasoning that unless her ears or tail were revealed, no one would recognize her. After all, the people from the previous village (Pasroe) had mostly forgotten about her.
Horo wants apples!

When they get into the city, Horo was amazed by everything, especially the apples in the market. Lawrence decided to ignore her while he spoke about his past. He reminisced about a friend who gambled everything into the apple business and profited greatly. He himself chose to invest in shipping, which had greater risks but far more potential profit.

Horo eventually couldn’t hold her desires back anymore and demanded to eat some apples. Conceding, he gave her one silver coin to purchase some apples. She returned nearly filling the cart, surprising Lawrence. When he tried to take one of the fruits, she stopped him saying that they were her apples. Lawrence protested, saying that his money was used to purchase them. Horo resolved the issue by promising to make up for his loss.
All those apples…

After checking into an inn, Horo collapsed in bed, a bit fatter but very content. She finished all of them. Bemoaning her weakness to the delicious apples, she called them the “fruit of the devil”.

Soon afterwards, Lawrence and her headed to the docks to sell their furs. The merchant first offered 132 silvers for 70 pelts. After talking a bit more, Lawrence was able to raise the price to 2 silvers per pelt, 140 silver coins in all. Horo briefly interrupted, asking privately if the price was decent. Lawrence admitted that it was a very good deal and was about to accept the arrangement when Horo stepped in.

Horo begins with her “Wise Wolf of Yoitsu” voice and begins to exaggerate on the quality of the martin fur. She had the merchant test its strength, proving that it is very durable and hard to tear. Then, more importantly, she had him smell the fur. The merchant was very surprised to get a fruity scent. Eager to purchase such “high quality” goods, the buyer bumped up his bid to 200 silver coins for them all. Acting as if they were taking their business somewhere else, Horo was able to set the price at 3 silvers per pelt, an astounding 210 coins in total. Finally finished with their business, Lawrence and Horo returned to their inn. Horo admitted that the fruit scent came from the apples she bought and said that they shouldn’t worry about fooling the merchant. Wondering where she got the idea from, Horo answered that she taken after a smart merchant who she met long ago.
Ten silver coins…

That night, Lawrence and Horo reunited with Zeiren, continuing their discussion before about the silver coins. Lawrence first confronts him, asking if the story was true. Seeing that he couldn’t lie, Zeiren admitted that it was more of a rumor since he heard it from the mines. Satisfied with the story, they proceeded to discuss the shares from the deal. Zeiren would get 10 silver coins and 10% of the profit that Lawrence would make. They agreed and parted ways.
One more time!

In their rooms, Lawrence attempted to teach Horo the difference between all the silver coins in the trade. She gave a half-hearted attempt before giving up, complaining about how it was so troublesome not to have just one standardized coin. The next day, the two continued their talk about the coins, pointing out that two rival currencies could wager an unofficial war. Increasing the silver content in their coins would potentially overpower the other, heavily influencing the markets. Thus, that’s why they were going to visit Lawrence’s friend, one who’s into the currency exchange business.
Horo blushing?!

The new character, Weiss, proved more of a bother to the duo. Much more interested in Horo, he flirted with her, causing the wolf-girl to blush at first. Lawrence gets very jealous but before he could butt in, Horo adjusts and uses her charms to extract information. Weiss revealed that he didn’t hear of any such change like the one Zeiren suggested.
Shake shake shake!

Seeing some of the new silver coins in his possession, Horo asked if she could test them. Though saying that it was impossible to hear the difference just from the jingling, Weiss humored her. Horo shook them a few times before stating that she couldn’t find any difference in them.

Away from Weiss, Lawrence asked Horo if she lied to Weiss. Admitting it and saying that she did it since he got jealous over his friend’s advances, Horo revealed that the new coin sounded “duller” than the old one. Concluding that the silver content actually went down, Lawrence thinks over how he had been duped by Zeiren and how the other party could actually benefit from this new information.
What if…

Back at the inn, Horo laughed at Lawrence for thinking so hard. She points out the obvious fact that that Zeiren gets 10 coins even if the information was false. The other guy is guaranteed a profit even if Lawrence doesn’t make any money. Realizing half of the dilemma, he continued to wonder why anyone would spread such information about buying coins that will soon lose value. Horo decided to lend some of her sagely advice, telling about how wolves used climb trees to see to see their prey better. It took Lawrence a moment before realizing who would benefit from such a scheme, the merchants.

Spice and Wolf has to be the crown jewel of Spring 2008… assuming that Imagin doesn’t completely ruin it. I’m still a bit worried that it will wind up being a drawn out boring tale of their travels. Optimistically, it will finish as an even better version of Kino’s Journey. Both series have many characteristics in common and are very good. However, it’s still too early to tell since we’re only a quarter in.
Males…and females..are idiots!

I love Horo. She’s such a lovely character that really makes the best of Spice and Wolf. The scenes with the apples had to be the cutest and her dialog with the merchant just proved how wise she was. After all, she had existed for generations.

There are some things that I didn’t like. One of them is Horo’s voice when she starts on her “Wise”-mode, a bit too… fake. There’s less of that in this episode so I’m happy. The other is Lawrence and how easily swindled he was. I expected him to be a smarter trader as suggested in episode 1. Instead, he fell for Zeiren’s plan. My third concern would be the plot of the series as a whole. Since the silver coin story is about to end, there remains only 5-6 episodes for other stuff. I just hope that stuff will prove interesting, maybe something along the lines of the Church taking action against the existence of Horo.

Finally, I end this episode review by confidently stating… that Horo is the most popular anime character for this season. She beats any other character by miles. Go Horo! <3


4 Responses

  1. I wish I had a wolf that could sell my manga for double it’s price..

  2. i meant fox xD

  3. It’s a wolf :)

    Note the title of the series though I don’t blame you for the mistake. Wolves don’t normally have reddish fur.

  4. ahaha sorry about that xD the ears got me

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