Shin Angyo Onshi (Chapter 66)

Although Shin Angyo Onshi (Blade of the Phantom Master) already finished overseas, its translations have not so while the last few volumes get scanned, here’s some highlights of the series. Since the series isn’t all too popular, I’ll provide a brief synopsis of the story.

NOTE: This is a Korean mangwha.

Plot Summary:

In the fictional country of Jushin, the king had secret agents called angyo onshi who traveled the lands in disguise. Their job was to find corrupt officials and deal justice upon them. In other words, they were the heroes that fought for the people. To aid them in their work, the king gave each of them magical talismans called mahai, which carried four different levels of power.
Angyo Onshi

The manga starts out after the fall of Jushin, which caused the once unified country to shatter into many smaller regions, most of them now governed by corrupt officials. It follows the journey of one angyo onshi, Munsu. As he journeys across the lands, he becomes the universal judge that sets what was wrong, right… though sometimes in a twisted way.
Tragic past

Yet, while doing his job, he comes to realize that there is a much larger sinister plot in the brewing. The one man that caused his country’s downfall remain very much alive. As he moves forward to prevent disaster from happening again, he gains new companions, meets old friends, faces the painful memories of his past, and ultimately, come face to face with the unholy horror that his adversary had become.

Chapter Summary:

Munso, after awakening from the Mandrake needle, found himself free of the curse that plagued him. His first action was to free his companions, the ones captured by Aji Tae when they attacked the elderly blacksmith’s home. Aided by Pyeong Gang’s men, he was able to quickly ambush and steal away the wagon that held his friends.
Hwang’s Sando (Human form)

Miss Hwang’s Sando also makes a return! Stronger (and cuter) than before!
Won Sul

We find out that Won Sul is still alive, kept immortal by Aji Tae.
Aji Tae

So basically, this is more of a typical reunion chapter. The old guy healed up and helped kill one of the larger demons by dropping a mountain on it. Those who carried a vendetta against Munsu made peace with him, uniting to bring down the greater evil. Just when things seemed to return to peace, none other than Aji Tae himself appeared in the midst of the group, carrying a wide smile as he come face-to-face again with Munsu.

I love the series as a whole. Even though it has the classic shounen feel (overpowered main character going out to do good), it has a nice twist. Munsu isn’t your ordinary hero and has shown his dark side more than once. His companions are an unique bunch, from a beautiful swordswoman to a short fanatic/underling. The plot has everything to it, from romance and drama to action and mystery. Every detail is blended wonderfully into an epic tale that everyone should read.

As for this episode, I felt a bit frustrated since the rescue operation got away too easily. Then again, Aji Tae himself showed up after all at the end so I can expect an action-packed chapter following this. Munsu’s Sando is still misguided and continued to work with the undead forces, capsizing several boats and having the survivors die at the hands of Jushin’s army. Also, with Munsu free of the curse, it was pointed that he won’t be immune to Aji Tae’s power. It makes me all the more curious in what will happen next.

All together, a well-rounded chapter that has an incredibly suspenseful ending. Building up toward the final showdown…


2 Responses

  1. great review!
    I like the fact that the mangaka drawing style is improving with the each chapter, and Munsu is becoming cooler and cooler with each fight. while you felt frustrated with the fast rescue operation, I think it was of a good speed, because there are few chapters left and I think the fight with Aji Tae will be long enough (I hope).

  2. I also noted the creators’ growing quality as the series went on. Munsu and his Sondo are cool as always and the fights are mostly well-done. The hasty rescue operation went too smoothly but on reflection, with the reappearance of Aji Tae, it might just be intentional. Who knows. The next chapter should clear it up.

    Won Sul should make his reappearance again but some friends forewarned me about his new looks. I guess I’ll find out in a week or so.

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