Persona ~Trinity Soul~ (Episode 3)

Never follow strangers… especially ones that want to do some kagenuki or shadow-pulling with you…
Karoke Scene

From the previous episode, Kanaru and Megumi were both coming back from the restroom when several guys asked them if they want to do some kagenuki (shadow pulling). Probably spurred by her curiosity and being pressured at the same time, Kanaru agreed. By now, Megumi had fainted from the drugs secretly added into her drink (later revealed). Winding up in a private room, one of the guys forcibly silenced Kanaru and the others started to strip the unconscious Megumi. Kanaru could do nothing while she watched in horror. Meanwhile, Shin talks with Takurou about what happened earlier in school, both feeling somewhat familiar about the Personas even though its their first time seeing them (or from what they can remember). Takurou also makes an important statement, saying that a long-nosed man told him about Personas a couple years ago. All of the sudden, a loud crash interrupts their thoughts. Fearing that the girls were harmed, they dashed out only to find the hallway filled with smoke, coming from the restrooms. Takurou dashed off first and found the room they were stuck in. Barging in, he slipped on something and fell. Shin asked him if he was alright but then he saw the bodies. Two of the three men who forced themselves on the girl were in a comatose state. The third was barely recognizable, another Reverse corpse.
At Ryou’s house, Eiko makes a visit, surprising Jun. She remarked about how she first mistook him for Yuki, saying that he grown up so much. While the two reminisced and had dinner, they get a call from Shin saying that he’ll be late. Jun immediately realizes that he’s is at the police station, despite how Shin tried to hide it at first.
Chief Ryou
Back at the police station, all of them were questioned by the detectives. The police revealed that one of the workers, a companion of the other two, drugged their drinks. It was fortunate that Kanaru was immune to it as things would definitely been worse if she wasn’t awake. The group was then told to keep the events a secret, as ordered by the Chief. Soon afterwards, Ryou himself appears and confronts Shin, asking why he was there and telling him to leave the city with Jun. Later, Ryou found walking to his office, talking to someone about the night’s events. He was shaken with the new Reverse, happening not on people on their list but to an entirely separate group, especially with Shin being involved. After the call, he shuts himself in his room only to receive another call, asking to meet up. Elsewhere, the people who called Ryou talked among themselves in a car, speculating that the Reverse in the karoke bar was caused by Shin’s Persona. They continue to plot ways to capture his “Special A”.
Wheelchair girl

The next day, Shin, Takurou, and Kanaru all went to the hospital to see their friend. They found her next to another girl in a wheelchair. The trio learned that the stranger was a former classmate, Megumi’s club senior. She was barely recognizable in her current condition.
Spying on his own brother

After the meeting, Shin went home but when he got off the train, he found a detective waiting for him. The policeman was more interested in what Ryou was hiding and asked Shin for his help. Curious himself, the boy agreed.
Taking away Shin’s soul
That night, Ryou met with Toma and Yuuji, the people who called his office. They got small bits of information about each other, mainly the reasons why they were doing the same thing. Toma tried to convince Ryou to join with them but when he refused, the two summoned their Personas and started battle. At the same time, Shin encountered Saki and Soutarou, the first he met before (episode 1). Shin’s Persona automatically reacted to Saki’s attack but it left him open, a chance that Soutarou capitalized on. Soutarou’s Persona released some tentacles that began to extract Shin’s soul, much like Yumi from the very beginning of the series.
Ryou watching Toma die
Back to the other fight, Ryou confronts Toma in a nearby park, yelling for Yuuji to provide cover. Ryou’s Persona has its arm morph and turn into a charged up cannon (think Vash from Trigun). Without the backup that he expected, Toma’s Persona was easily defeated. His last dying moments were spent listening to Yuuji tell him that his Persona can’t come out since it was already destroyed and seeing the coward flee. The scene ends with Ryou’s Persona charging up another shot for the finishing blow.
Soutarou in Pain

As for Shin, when Toma died, Saki’s Persona stopped moving, enabling Shin’s Persona to escape. It returned to its owner and slashed away the tentacles. Soutarou saw that Saki’s Persona was reacting and quickly retreated. His own Persona took Saki’s in and when it returned to Soutarou, he fell to the ground and screamed in pain. With her partner incapacitated, Saki had to retreat. Seeing no more threats, Shin’s Persona returned and he didn’t suffer any problems, unlike Yumi.
Mystery Girl
In the park where the first battle took place, Ryou stood next to Toma’s dead body. Then, he sensed someone watching him, a girl dressed in red. However, when he turned around, only glowing white feathers remained. The mysterious person also appeared near Shin, watching as the guy ran home.
The List
Back at home, Shin remembers the previous conversation he had with the detective. Remembering something about a list, he attempts to log into Ryou’s computer. After several unsuccessful attempts, he remembered the password used for the front door and tried it. Working, Shin quickly finds the aforementioned list of disappearing students from his school. Just before the episode ends, we find Jun outside the room, watching.

I found the episode pretty decent compared to the first two. There was a lot more action and more information was given out. The story is beginning to come together and I can’t wait til there’s a longer fight scene. It should be pretty epic with all the cool Persona designs. One snag that bothers me is how they didn’t really name any of the Personas yet. It would make it a lot easier for me to identify them instead of using their master’s name all the time. Anyways, as for sound and video quality, it seemed a bit restrained, as though it could have been worked on more.


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