Mahou Sensei Negima! (Chapter 200)

Well, this manga finally hit another landmark, chapter 200. Looking at this series, I would predict that it’ll go for at least another 100… or 200… chapter until it finishes, could go on and on like Naruto or Bleach.

New character!

A new character butts into the fight and is quickly revealed to be Rakan of the Thousand Blades, one of Negi’s father’s companion.
ArtifactFinal Attack

Rakan uses some sort of artifact that gave him the nickname. It also has a very flashy final move. After the skirmish, Rakan named Negi as his pupil and asked for the bad guy to fight him in an official tournament, rather than out on the streets.

Strike 1Strike 2

Some girls didn’t like Negi’s unreasonable actions… to be public that is.

Setsuna and Asuna

We also see that Setsuna and Asuna are alright and training together… though Setsuna seems to be overprotective of Konoka as always.

This chapter seems to be pretty boring, at least for me. There’s a new character that will train Negi to become stronger. I guess all the good stuff will be in the near future, after all that training that is. Still itching for the big fight between Fate and Negi. Well, at least there’s some fanservice… which isn’t saying much for this series.

All hail Chachamaru!


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