Ayakashi (Episode 3)

Brawls, cutting people in half, and marrying a goth loli that tried to kill you moments before… That’s Ayakashi for ya.

Sanada’s Death

Kyouhei, the villain from the first two episodes, finally met his end at the hands of… a goth loli. It first starts with him attempting to escape from the hospital, using his ayakashi to cut up anyone getting in his way. Leaving bloody, corpse-ridden hallways behind, he made it to the roof where he found a girl waiting for him. Being the cocky bastard he was, he tried to cut her up but she vanished. The stranger proved too fast for Kyouhei’s attack and using her own ayakashi, he was sliced in half, leaving only his bottom half to spew blood and collapse.
Evil Yuu

Yuu, on the other hand, was still thinking about what an ayakashi was. He wanted to know more about the “ayakashi” but she wouldn’t give him any details. Searches on his own through books and the internet came up dry. Then, he was requested by the Kyouhei’s lackeys to meet outside in an isolated spot behind some buildings. Easily taking them down, Yuu evilly laughed while Eimu spied from a nearby corner.

After that, the show finally picked up with an epic showdown on the streets. The goth-loli’s mystery companion used his ayakashi and telepathically persuaded people to leave the area, which was kind of surprising since they tried to minimize casualties. Anyways, Eimu met up with Yuu in the now empty streets and the two bullies from before ambushed them… or tried to. While they were running at the two, something cut through their midsection and their entire upper torso disappeared. Their remaining lower halves stumbled for a bit before collapsing in a pool of blood. Eimu seemed unaffected by the deaths as she concentrated more on the newcomer, that goth-loli.
Radar mode?

At first, the loli introduced herself as Pam and tried to be their friends. Eimu didn’t fall for it but Yuu, with his newfound masculinity and being the idiot he is fooled by the appearances, tried to convince her to let up just because Pam’s a child and there’s no way she could do such horrible crimes even though two guys got murdered before his eyes. Eimu acted first and tried to attack. However Pam, with her ayakashi named Ten, was too fast and easily dodged the strikes. The blue-haired girl’s ayakashi then turned into radar mode and discovered Pam’s companion. Changing targets, the man was attacked and somehow, a billboard was knocked loose and fell where Yuu and Eimu were.
Eating Flowers…

Yuu recovered and the first thing he saw was Pam… eating a flower… and offering him one. Awkwardly explaining that flowers aren’t meant to be eaten, Eimu returned to the scene, obviously battered and bruised. Their fight continued but Eimu’s attacks were getting less accurate. Yuu again spoke words about helping out but in the end, he could do nothing. One of Eimu’s attacks landed too close and he was knocked out for a second. Eimu soon fell when Pam went for the final blow, striking deep into her side and drawing a lot of blood. With no one to help hem, Yuu was captured by Ten.
Truth Revealed

When Yuu awakens, he found himself in an abandoned warehouse with dolls chained up from the ceiling. He soon spots Eimu and she finally reveals why she didn’t want him involved. We learn that by using an ayakashi and getting more power equates to a rapid deterioration of their physical body. Eimu admitted that she can hardly see out of her left eye due to her prolonged use. Soon, she’ll go blind and her limbs will stop working. In the end, her ayakashi would consume her.

Pam interrupting the scene by walking in dressed as a (Western) bride. A cheesy version of “Here comes the Bride” plays while she walks up to Yuu, intending to marry him. Just when they were about to kiss, Eimu finally gathered enough energy to summon her ayakashi and broke free of the chains that held her. She then used her remaining powers to summon a different ayakashi, one that was glimpsed at in episode 1. It was a giant blue humanoid named Akurou. Pam had only one word to describe it, “demon”.
Attack Stopped!

Ten attempted to attack it but its arms that could cut through flesh couldn’t even put a scratch the big blue menace. Even by making a lance, the giant just grabbed it and slammed it into the ground. Pam tried to intervene herself but winded up in the demon’s mouth, chewed upon for a bit. Seeing how Pam was about to die, Yuu begged Eimu to spare her since she was a child. Pam was dropped onto the ground but Eimu soon changed her mind, saying that she was an enemy and had to be killed. Just as the Akurou’s fist was about to crush Pam, Yuu’s ayakashi activated and he was able to break free and stop the incoming blow in time, surprising everyone (especially Eimu). Pam somehow escapes with Ten and Eimu reprimanded Yuu, saying that he was “too soft”. Now completely drained of energy, Eimu fainted.
Missed Message

When she came to, she found herself being piggybacked by Yuu. They talked and the episode ended with Eimu making some sort of important statement… that was cut off by the sound of nearby traffic. Bummer.

To be honest, this episode was a let-down. Yuu was just too annoying, trying all of the sudden to be the hero. I mean, he abandoned the guy in episode one to Kyouhei, completely ignoring the bullying that was going on. After taking down Sanada’s two henchmen, he suddenly got the confidence that he could win any fight, only to prove worthless when Pam and Eima squared off.

Ayakashi’s redeeming quality is the lack of censorship and widespread bloodshed. However, I do have to say that it does not measure up to the violence in episode 1 of Elfen Lied. Although it’s paced better (not crammed into just 10 minutes), I didn’t find it fitting at times and the repeated bisection of bodies in this episode just bored me. Elfen Lied had various ways of killing someone, not just one or two.

As for predictions about future episodes, I have a bad feeling that this will remind me of Ragnarok, The Animation. Yuu is starting to resemble Roan and if he continues to keep a righteous attitude with no real action to back him up, I might seriously consider dropping Ayakashi from my viewing list.

Anyways, Yuu will probably go berserk more often and the little secret organization that’s been plotting will throw in more ayakashi users to test his limits. Eventually, he’ll find a way to summon a second ayakashi, like Eimu’s demon. It’ll probably be that phoenix-like creature in the opening credits. As for relationships, it would be a love triangle between Hime loving Yuu who will develop feelings for Eimu. I would hazard to say that Eimu will become the sacrifice of the show by the end of the season. What makes me say that? Eimu resembles Yuu’s childhood friend who is dead. Just watch the ending credits, so blatantly obvious. Hime still annoys me so I’ll probably be disappointed in the end when Yuu ends up with her.

I’ll give Ayakashi another 2-3 episodes. If it doesn’t pick up in quality, I’ll drop it.


2 Responses

  1. Well, now that ep 4’s been subbed, what do you think? By the way, Pam said the “Demon will protect the Dragon” So i think his ayakashi is either an (immature) dragon or his second is a dragon. Besides, we see the same thing from the opening, but in blue silhouette (the head really) so I think it’s the former.

  2. Judging by the opening song and from previous episodes, Yuu’s 2nd Ayakashi’s form should be a dragon and Eimu’s Demon is the one protecting it. Haven’t really looked at the game too much due to my locality but it’s obviously going to be a fight between Eimu and her sister, the “doctor” and Yuu.

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