Shigofumi (Episode 2)

This episode was a beautiful end to first story of this series.

Dark Asuna

Asuna, after killing Shouta, tried to attack Fumika. Using some special technique, Fumika vanished and reappeared later in Shouta’s lab, safe from harm. Back in the park, Asuna dragged the dead body to the riverbank, digging a shallow grave with her knife and burying him there.
Crying Asuna

Then, the series progressed and a flashback revealed why Asuna killed her father. Being exploited by her father as a porn model, she lived a such a sad existence. She never saw the sky like Shouta did, only the confined ceiling of the room where she worked. Yet, when her dad was about to involve her younger sister to get more money, Asuna acted and stabbed him in the heart.
Train Scene

A day later, Shouta’s body was found and Asuna found the police waiting for her at the school. Deciding to run away, she went to a station, cut off her hair to change her appearance, and boarded the train. That’s where she met Fumika again, who had another shigofumi to deliver. This time, it’s from Shouta. Asuna first tried to kill her with a knife again but after Fumika knocked her down and pointed a gun at her face, she gave up. With the shigofumi delivered, Fumika left and Asuna was left alone, with Shouta’s letter in hand.
Signed Rocket

After reading it, she realized just how much Shouta loved her, believing in her even though she lied about everything. Running back to the abandoned bowling alley, she decided to launch his rocket, just like how he intended to do before confessing to her. Upon setting it up, she saw that Shouta wrote on the rocket, the names of herself and her sister. Crying, she added his name. It became a symbol of their future, all three of them together.
Asuna’s Last Moment

Just before the rocket could take off, one of the detectives found her and tried having Asuna turn herself in. A brief gust of wind interrupted the two and blown the tarp back to cover the rocket. Ignoring the detective and fearing that the launch would fail, she dashed forward and slashed with her knife, severing the cord that held the heavy cloth. With the tarp gone, the rocket was clear to launch. Yet, at that moment, the other policeman arrived at the site and saw Asuna with the knife. Panicking, he shot and killed her. Asuna’s last moments were spent watching Shouta’s rocket, with all of their names written on it, launching high into the sky.
The End

At the very end of the episode, Miku, Asuna’s younger sister, was seen alone somewhere in the city, presumably right after school ended. Fumika came into the scene with a shigofumi for her. It was from her sister and she said that it contained the purest thoughts of the sender.

Opening Shot
I found this episode very enjoyable and I’ll definitely keep watching Shigofumi. Even though the first two episodes served more to introduce Fumika and the job she does, this story was beautifully done. Feeling spiteful of Asuna at first since she killed Shouta so suddenly, I now pity her since she was just another victim of the circumstances. I can’t say that it was entirely unpredictable but the way the producers done it left me wanting more.

The ONLY fault in this show is its opening. It’s the same group that did the ending for Code Geass, ALI PROJECT. After seeing it, I was just waiting for Zero to pop up and declare war on Britannia. It didn’t fit in with the series at all and completely ruined the mood. They should have found a more melancholy piece.


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