Gundam 00 (Episode 15)

Hmmm… more delicious mecha action. 832 vs 4. Who will win?

Attack Underway!

Lock On and Allelujah were sent, Dynames riding on top of Kyrios, to kill some terrorist forces going after some degraded nuclear material. After easily sniping the measly terrorist force, things went to hell (for Celestial Being). The AEU sent a huge amount of missiles that forced them down. Some Union units showed up and latched onto the two, self-detonating parts of itself. Though taking little to no damage, Lock On and Allelujah were pinned down to the ground and could only wait for Exia and Virtue to rescue them.

After a couple hours, Setsuna and Tieria decide to act upon a different plan (in case the other two didn’t escape in time). Virtue loaded up its giant gun and shot into the fray, opening up an escape path by making a giant trench in the sand. Lock On and Allelujah took the chance and ran, but the HRL’s special unit caught up. Allelujah experienced the same pains from previous episodes and had to stop, giving enough time for their enemies to overtake them. Soma personally charged and separated Kyrios from Dynames. The sniper Gundam tried to pursue but was distracted by other HRL forces. Soma proceeded to beat the snot out of the wimp mentally-incapacitated pilot until his alter ego, Hallelujah appeared. After asking for Soma’s name over the comm channels, he swiped at her with his claw, missing but forcing Soma to retreat temporarily. Seeing no more action around him, he gave control of his body back to Allelujah.
Lock On Captured!

Meanwhile, having exposed their position, Exia and Virtue got the same treatment that their other comrades had, namely tons of missiles and artillery. Then, after several hours, the bombardment let up for the two. Deciding to escape, Setsuna and Tieria split up and flew in different directions. That was their downfall. The AEU quickly attacked Virtue and pinned it between four special shield-bearing units, boxing it in and rendering it immobile. Then, it was revealed that Soma returned and bested Kyrios. Lock On, still pinned down by the assault, continued to fight off any attackers. One cocky Union pilot named Joshua decided to disobey orders and fly in to get the kill. However, the Dynames had tricked him and shot him pointblank, killing the fool instantly. The Union squad leader got mad and tackled the Gundam. After a bit of wrestling, the Flag was on top, clearly the winner in that contest. Exia, being the only one to successfully escape, soon lost its luck and was attacked by the AEU’s custom Enact. Pinned, he was subjected to its new weaponry, left to roast in the plasma field. Just as he was reaching out for help, a new Gundam appeared, blowing up a part of the Enact.
Spoiled Louise

Oh, the totally uninvolved couple, Saji and Louise were also given a big chunk of airtime, mostly at the beginning. Louise just shows more of her spoiled ways, saying that she’s still depressed over her mother leaving and demanding that Saji console her by buying a really expensive ring.

I hate Louise and I still don’t see how Saji and her play a role in the show. Maybe to cut down time on those good action scenes?

Well, besides that, this was the most action-packed episode of the series, so far. I kinda expected more overpowered Gundam scenes but with the exception of Exia slicing 2 Flags up and Lock On killing Joshua, there wasn’t anything else. That’s a good thing though, keeps the plot more interesting.

As for the new Gundam, I found its entrance cheesy and yet classic. Setsuna was in despair and kept reaching for it, just like in his childhood when he was fighting in the war. I guess this is where the new Trinity group comes in, to save the original 4 Gundams and kick more butt. One more thing, I find the new unit’s red GN particles way more sexy than the older bluish-green. Propz to that!


2 Responses

  1. I agree on the Louise and Saji part I mean why are they there?
    Although they’ll probably end up with a significant role later they take up to much screen time.

  2. A friend told me that they might represent the view of the common people, like a different perspective unlike the ones directly fighting for/against Celestial Being. But regardless, the “drama” that they make is so annoying…

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